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COOKING BY THE BOOK was put together by more than two dozen authors who just happen to be creative cooks as well!

As a way to show our appreciation, each of the writers took great pains to fill this delightful e-book with favorite recipes relating to the novel excerpts you'll find on each page. Short biographies of the authors are also included. Check out the venison jerky, the berry slump, and other mouth-watering and heart-warming recipes. Just click here or on the cover to view and download your copy!

Nancy Viens says:
"I really am enjoying your Cook Book! It has taken over the Joy of Cooking spot for me as the most fun to read. I read the recipe for the drink in the back of the book that uses vinegar, and it reminded me of what we used to call "switchel" in Vermont. That used apple cider vinegar and coldspring water, and used to be served to the hayers in the summertime!"
Nancy Viens, Author of The Deep Six (and other tales), a collection of short stories available at



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“Musings: Authors Do It Write!” consists of a collection of writings from twelve contributing authors of the CB Writers Group.

Authors are often asked: What makes you write? Did you always know you wanted to write? Where do you get your story ideas? How do you come up with your characters? – on and on and on.

To many people, authors aren’t of the same breed as the normal species of the human race. However, we are very much human. We go about our daily lives nurturing our families, going to our jobs and dealing with the stresses that life throws our way. We twelve authors have come together in this book to shed some light on the ‘author species of the human race’ .

Each writer has his or her own ‘writer’s muse’ - or ‘voice’; although as you will see, each muse is unique to each author.

We hope that you enjoy reading our articles, our biographies – and excerpts from some of our works.

Kristie Leigh Maguire, editor