Reviews of
Across the Sweet Grass Hills

Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE and A GATHERING OF FINCHES:

"With three-dimensional characters and passion for her story, Gail L. Jenner authentically recreates the raw and rugged world of Montana in the late 1800s."

CRESCENT BLUES and Patricia Lucas White (author of P.S., I'VE TAKEN A LOVER), awarded ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS 4 Crescents:

"Set against an authentic historical background, written by an author with the soul of a poet, this debut historical romance speaks, in a lyrical voice, of a love that transcends the hate, fear, and ugliness of the bloody cultural clash between whites and Native Americans in the late 1860's and 1870's."

From Vella Munn, author of BLACKFEET SEASON, Tor/Forge Books:

"Gail Jennerís ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS is a love story, and yet to say that touches only the surface of what takes place within the pages of this remarkable book.
      Yes, there is a compelling relationship between the young pioneer woman Liza Ralston and the Blackfoot warrior called Red Eagle, but Ms. Jenner goes much deeper, impressing the reader with her respect for and understanding of a brave, beleaguered people. Deftly detailing her complex characters, Ms. Jenner pulls the reader into a world controlled by the elements and decisions made by governmental and military leaders who saw the Blackfeet as the enemy. Those determined to vanquish their enemy knew and cared nothing about what it meant to be a member of the plains tribe, their reliance on the buffalo, their ancient spiritual beliefs, what made them laugh and cry.
     Those who read ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS will because that is what much of the book is about. It is also about a young woman whose courage and determination is all that stands between her and death, an old manís secrets, and a peopleís compassion and resiliency in the face of unbearable adversity.
      Ms. Jenner is to be applauded for what she has accomplished. The words she has written sing, her research is extraordinary, and the plot mesmerizes. I feel the wiser for having read ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS, as if I have now walked on Blackfeet land and, along with Liza Ralston, experienced something precious."

From Mary Lou Rich, author of COURTING KATE and THE TOMBOY, Jove Historical Romances:

"Gail Jenner has taken great pains to portray two cultures accurately. The problems Elizabeth and Red Eagle face are real and heartbreaking. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romance or adventure."

Meredith Campbell, author of RIGHTEOUS WARRIORS, gave ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS 4+ stars:

"Visit for a day the Pikuni, a tribe of Blackfoot Indians living in 1870 Montana and you'll want to remain for a week...But be warned, if you do, be willing to share the heartbreak of their lives and be willing to have your own irrevocably changed.
     Jenner's smooth prose, written deeply from the heart, completely enthralls....Emotionally true and meticulously researched with bibliography, I rate this book 4+ stars."