Bonanza – 50 years of cowboys, farming and ranching!

Although I wasn't raised on a cattle ranch, even as a youngster I adored the lifestyle. Can't believe that this year, 2009, is the 50th anniversary of one of my favorite TV series -- BONANZA. The Cartwright family seemed to me to be a real family and each week was...

Agriculture and the Future: It’s Later Than You Think!

This is more than a blog....this is a plea. I'm sharing a letter from a rancher in CA. Since our governor has recently vetoed the Williamson Act, farmers and ranchers all over the state are STUNNED. The Act was created to preserve farmland and to preserve agricultural...

Fascinating Facts that Shatter the Beef is Bad Bunch…..

Scanning the latest news clips about nutrition in this country, I found an article that gave some interesting history about WHY this country moved in the direction it did some 30 years ago, that is, to begin to throw out beef and meat and substitute the all-powerful...

Understanding the State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson IS more than a fantasy and it is more than a is, as so many have said, a state of mind. However, that state of mind is deeply embedded in a location, a place. The State of Jefferson encompasses much of the northern portion of...

State of Jefferson BOOK Signing….at COSTCO

Well, I am still reeling......but excited about my great news announcement!Coauthor Bernita Tickner and I will be doing a State of Jefferson book signing at Medford, Oregon's COSTCO, on August 1, 2009.How did it happen? I'm not sure, except to say that Arcadia...



A wonderful insight into one of my favorite places in the world.A wonderful insight into one of my favorite places in the world.Joshua via Goodreads

A wonderful insight into one of my favorite places in the world. The author traces the natural and cultural history of the region from it's ancient geologic past to the park as we know it today. It brought back a lot of powerful memories from my time there. 

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