California Agriculture Ranks First in the NATION…..

It's quite interesting to study statistics. They reveal a lot about what is going on in an industry or population, and in agriculture, this is especially true. Most Americans have no idea about the world of agriculture or what farmers face in terms of challenges or...

What’s Happening Around Here?

It's that time of year again, when everyone digs in to work and to help....With late spring/early summer rains, hay season has had a slow start. But perhaps the rain will help to delay the coming fire season?!Everyone is up to the elbows in gardens and fieldwork. The...

Getting Up to Speed…..

It's been a long spring and now already summer......and I've been so busy with a new book and family, including grandchildren, and the ranch and the work that I've neglected keeping up with any of my journaling or blogging.....So, for today, perhaps just a reference...

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