State of Jefferson: White with Winter

Well, December has been a wondrous month in the heart of Jefferson. We've had a round or two of fresh snow, which hopefully means a winter full of strong weather. Like so many places, we've had our share of drought, but looking up at Mount Shasta, robed in white, it's...

Christmas Trees, Scrooges, and Lemonade

It's been hard to write this Fall. Don't know why, exactly, but perhaps because it's been crowded with tons of emotions.....several major losses and challenges. But now, as Christmas is almost here, it's hard NOT to feel the joy of the Season. It's time to make...

Yes, Eating Beef IS Healthy…..Get the Facts!

Yes, yes, yes.....the NEWS is GOOD! Beef IS healthy! Check out the FACTS....Even hamburger can be a good dietary choice....just watch out for the side dishes. If you select 95% lean ground beef, a 3-oz. serving has only 139 calories and 2.4 grams of saturated fat and...

Cattle and the Environment: A Source of Energy?

As the world's demand for alternative energy sources increase, there is potential "right under our noses!" Yes, from the world of animals and from their excrement.....Manure, which produces methane, can potentially become a great resource.Cattle, which have been...



I really enjoyed this book. It is good to see that the soldiers were the really bad people who tried to wipe out an innocent people! Too often it is the Indians who are blamed! They only wanted peace, but the white man with his greed prevented that. I would have liked the story to have gone on longer showing Red Eagle and Liza finally getting married and settling down with Bull Child and some of their own.

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