The origins of Valentine’s Day……are you sure you know?

Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate love and lovers, or is it? How did it all begin? I had always heard, of course, that it was created to honor Saint Valentine, who was actually martyred under the Roman Emperor Claudius II (A.D. 214-270). Well, it appears there...

Great Truths about LIFE from Children…..

Blogs by Gail L. JennerGreat Truths about Life from Children!2/11/2008 8:49:11 AMA delightful list of 'great truths' from children, about life, in can you go wrong? They're good for a smile and a nod.I had to share these. I haven't seen them being sent...

As a CattleWoman, my priority is ‘myth-busting!’

As an active CattleWoman, rancher's wife, teacher, and writer, I know the anti-beef campaign in this country is real and being waged in earnest, and it's not based on truth. Therefore, education has to be number one for cattle people like us, esp. in regions where...

What IS the beef?

I've just gotta ask the question! What IS the beef?????As a cattle rancher's wife of 36+ years, I've heard everything that can possibly be said about beef.....and all its evils!'s amazing. And it's pretty bizarre, especially when one examines what the...

Dreams are the stuff LIFE is made of…….

Much is made of dreams, and there is good reason for that. The longer we live, the more we understand the relationship between our dreams/goals/hopes for the future and the success we achieve. As a Christian, my ultimate hope lies in my relationship with the Lord, but...

Just do it…..yeah, right?! Yes, or else, pay the price.

I've wanted to take a script writing course for many months, but it involved traveling hours and spending weekends away from home. I signed up once, then cancelled. But it was my twin sister, perhaps my greatest cheerleader, who said, quite simply, "Just do it!" Yeah,...



This is a beautifully rendered book with great family recipesThis is a beautifully rendered book with great family recipesLetsBeReal via Amazon

This is a beautifully rendered book with great family recipes. The stories that go along with the recipes are also interesting and some are very poignant, like the story about "Mike's Cornbread" recipe (which I am going to try). Mike Hensley, who got the recipe from his mother, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and lost his ability to cook. His family cornbread recipe was lost, but several years later, his wife Marcia received an e-mail from an old friend who had found the recipe, and Marcia contributed it to the book. The historical photographs for many of the family recipes add a dimension not often seen in cook books, and the great photos of the food make you want to bake, and this is the season for it!

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