JENNER FAMILY BEEF is “open for business!”

JENNER FAMILY BEEF is “open for business!”

Jenner Family Beef has officially opened "its doors" for business! Jenner Family Beef offers a unique quality of beef for the quality-seeking consumer.  If you are looking for great beef, check us out...A business created by the "Jenner women," Jenner Family Beef...

Healthy Beef is NOT a myth

Healthy Beef is NOT a myth

Most people consider turkey, chicken, and fish healthier than beef and they believe they have to stop eating beef, because they think ALL saturated fat is bad.....the good news is that almost half of the fat in beef is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid—the same...



Delightful Valentine’s Day StoryDelightful Valentine’s Day StoryRobyn Echols via Goodreads

Two sisters, one practical and decisive, the other sweet but easily flustered. Sarah is waiting for her Samuel to arrive so they can get married. She finds a stranger wounded and unconscious in the wood pile instead, but it is up to Mary to keep her head and help their uninvited guest. But he is not the last stranger to show up before it is all over. Sweet romance.

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