A Wonderful Writer ~ Well Worth a VISIT

My friend, Carolyn Wing Greenlee, has begun a blog and website that is well worth a visit. Legally blind, with only 4% of her vision remaining, she is a walking testimony to the power of faith, determination, and perseverance. Her newest blog is about how she manages...

The Christmas Holiday Comes to Fort Jones

Looking for a place to savor a Christmas Holiday Parade? Fort Jones, in the heart of the State of Jefferson, will have its annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 11. The parade will wend its way down Main Street, past the Scott Valley Bank, the Hardware Store...

The Skinny on Fat…..Some Facts

Here are some interesting Facts about Fats, in particular the fat in beef:It's a misconception that beef's fatty acids are all saturated fats. In truth, beef is like other foods that contain fat. It has a fatty acid "package" that contains various amounts of saturated...

Published Map of the Proposed State of Jefferson in 1941

I recently purchased this old map clipping that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. Stanton Delaplane, a young writer, went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for his series of articles written about the young State of Jefferson "movement." He traveled the area and...

Remembering What’s Most Important…..

Sometimes it's hard to remember what's most important in life. Sometimes what is happening around us moves in in such a way as to strip us of our joy -- at least for a while. Lately, life on the ranch has been so stressful that finding time to relax and enjoy what is...



160 pages of WOW, I wish I was there.160 pages of WOW, I wish I was there.Pamela J. Kouns via Amazon

160 pages of WOW, I wish I was there. How did they people do it? They traveled through the tough times. They started with very little except the will to make a place to survive and prosper. The first to come were the trappers. The next were the gold miners. Then they brought their families and they stayed. This book shows the kind of people that helped make our country great. They changed with the times. But, they never gave up. The people are real. The stories are true. If you are looking for a way to get away for a few hours, the authors of this book will help you think and use your imagination. Enjoy a fun journey!

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