Family Farming

Family Farming

I love Willie Nelson's movement, called farm aid, in that it supports farmers and ranchers. I also enjoy Willie and company -- they sing from the heart and aspire to assist those in agriculture. Sadly, however, they only seem to support the smallest farmers around the...

Agriculture: Understanding the Heart of Every Farmer

As a teacher, I've occasionally been put in the position of trying to defend teachers and their reasons for going into the profession. Too many people want to moan and complain, claiming that teachers just wanted an 'easy job' and that they don't really 'earn their...

Earth Day is EVERYDAY for Cattle Ranchers and Farmers!

Cattle ranchers and farmers are considered to be one of the greenest professions from a diverse list of jobs, according to a recent survey. Cattle ranchers were selected as the third greenest profession from a diverse list of jobs, with park rangers topping the list....

The Good News About BEEF and Health!

The good news about beef's nutrition and its impact on the heart just keeps on coming.....recent studies are showing that:There is no direct evidence that lean beef increases the risk of Cardio Vascular Disease. In fact, recent clinical trials have shown that there's...

A NEW Jefferson publication to hit the stands next month!

Well, Jefferson-staters, there will be a new publication hitting the stands in the next month or two, which targets the region we all love -- the State of Jefferson! It is being called JEFFERSON BACKROADS and is being published and edited by Michelle Fain. I'm looking...

Wondering About What Fast Foods are OKAY to EAT???

According to a recent article by Katherine Brooking at, beef can be consumed even at fast food restaurants or drive-throughs, without sacrificing calories or nutrition. Included here are two of her choices for food. So, on your next trip down the...



An excellent, engaging readAn excellent, engaging readMary E. Trimble via Amazon

Ankle High and Knee Deep: Women Reflect on Western Rural Life is an engaging collection of essays written by ranch women, cowgirls, and farmers. The anthology, edited by Gail L. Jenner, offers a candid look at rural life, its tranquil beauty and its messiness. This anthology is about lessons learned, sometimes the hard way.

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