TV and Radio Interviews

Mysteries At The Museum Thumb

“Mysteries at the Museum”  Travel Channel      
State of Jefferson/history behind the movement
April 3,  2015

How The States Got Their Shapes

“How the States Got Their Shapes: Culture Clash”    
State of Jefferson/history behind the movement
Season 1 Episode 9 –  July 5, 2011 

Black Bart - Gentleman Bandit

Meet the old West bandit who never fired a single shot – Featuring Gail Jenner.

“Good Morning Scott Valley”
Podcast on Hallie Daggett dedication
Etna, California  –  July 12, 2016

Good Morning Scott Valley Thumb

“Good Morning Scott Valley” podcast with Serena Travis
Interview about Writing and Jenner Beef
November 1, 2012

“Some Noise: Podcast” with Najib Aminy
State of Jefferson

JPR Thumb


“Jefferson Exchange: NPR/Jefferson Public Radio”
ANKLE HIGH AND KNEE DEEP: Women and Ranching
Interview with Geoffrey Riley/Host 2015

West Coast Live Thumb

“West Coast Live”
(NPR – San Francisco Radio program)
Life and Times of Black Bart and
Writing Historical Fiction

Etna, California, Avery Theater

The State of Jefferson Video Thumb

“The State of Jefferson” by Southern Oregon PBS
State of Jefferson/history behind the movement
Premiered on OPB TV & SOPTV – Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Other Interviews – No Longer Available

  • “KSYC Radio (103.9) in Yreka, CA” – 2015 – Interview with Kevin Sponsler about ANKLE HIGH AND KNEE DEEP/new release
  • “KCHO studio in Chico, California”  – 2 PM Monday with Nancy Weigman, Chico, California –  Feb. 2, 2015 –  Interview/Share stories/Reading from ANKLE HIGH AND KNEE DEEP: Women Reflect on Western Rural Life

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