The Next Anti-Aging Brain Agent is found in BEEF…..

Check out the latest on the research related to Acetyl-L-Carnitine, the “NEXT” Anti-aging Brain nutrient. It occurs naturally in beef and is so important, it should not be ignored. Because the information is fascinating I am including here the link to the...

Yes, Eating Beef IS Healthy…..Get the Facts!

Yes, yes, yes…..the NEWS is GOOD! Beef IS healthy! Check out the FACTS….Even hamburger can be a good dietary choice….just watch out for the side dishes. If you select 95% lean ground beef, a 3-oz. serving has only 139 calories and 2.4 grams of...

Questions and Answers regarding Beef and Its Safety

The assault on the U.S. beef industry is becoming almost ridiculous…it is and has been one of the safest food/meat products in the world. Far more people fall prey to seafood and chicken and other food sources than they do to beef, but the “horror”...
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