The snow is falling and it’s cold, but inside, with a fire burning, it’s delightful. My husband is outside, though, feeding cows and trying to keep the feedtrucks and tractors running. Life is good, full of blessings. I’ve decided to keep a blog, if only to use as a journal, a resource for thinking and writing. So many goals and desires, so much to ‘do’, but I hope to keep up a reasonable response to this blogging thing……letting my mind wander and my thoughts fill the spaces in front of me.

As Goethe wrote: “What people don’t realize is that once you make a commitment to something, Providence moves and things begin to happen that otherwise you never could have imagined.” Food for thought…..commitment to a goal, a desire, a thought, a dream.

May I continue to persevere and commit to my dreams and aspirations.

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