According to the Journal of Nutrition, 2007: Research has been showing that dietary protein “is more satiating than carbohydrates and fat!” The study, “Inadequate Dietary Protein Increases Hunger and Desire to Eat in Younger and Older Men,” revealed that if protein intake is below the RDA (recommended dietary allowance), the result is an increase in hunger and an increased desire to eat.

Research also showed that exercise is “more effective when coupled with a moderately high-protein diet.” The study revealed that “a protein-rich diet with reduced carboyhdrates, combined with exercise additively improved body composition during weight loss, reduced triglyceride levels and maintained higher HDL (the good kind!) cholesterol levels.”

That means that a diet with protein can be helpful in protecting muscle while burning fat AND it can help with weight loss and weight maintenance. That’s good news. BEEF contains significant amounts of the amino acid “leucine”, which “works with insulin to promote muscle growth.”

A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is not only lower in cholesterol than skinless chicken, it also supplies 25.4 grams of protein, which equals about 50 percent of RDA amounts.

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