Well, the State of Jefferson has made headlines — again. Several weeks ago, we received a phone call, from the S.F. Chronicle. As a result, Kevin Fagan and a photographer came up and visited the land to the north.

He interviewed people throughout the area and then, as a result, we ended up on the front page. It was rather appropriate, really, since the original journalist — Stanton Delaplane — who covered the “official” movement and “revolt” in 1941 actually received a Pulitzer for his work — was from the Chronicle.

I think Kevin was surprised at how sincere many of the folks were about their desire to be separated from the rest of CA . That’s because geographically, socially, economically, this part of Northern CA does not “jive” with the rest of the state — just like the southern part of OR does not always “jive” with the rest of Oregon. We are distinct; we are unique.

But if it’s only a dream, it’s still something the locals here hang on to…..

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