Well, December has been a wondrous month in the heart of Jefferson. We’ve had a round or two of fresh snow, which hopefully means a winter full of strong weather. Like so many places, we’ve had our share of drought, but looking up at Mount Shasta, robed in white, it’s hard to imagine that this year won’t be a great year. The peaks of the Castle Crags, the Siskiyous and the Marble Mountains glisten, too. Such beauty it’s hard to NOT smile!

Christmas is just a few days away…..a great time of HOPE, isn’t it? Anticipation and joy…..Christmas trees and Christmas carols, busy shoppers and holiday celebrations. Of course, there’s been a host of discouragement this season, but as the new year dawns, so does expectation and renewal.

As a new project, focusing once more on the State of Jefferson, my coauthor and I are beginning the search for Historic Inns and Eateries around this magical, mythical region, known as the State of Jefferson. If you know of any great places in southern Oregon or northern California, from east to west, that possess interesting or important history, email us at gfiorini@sisqtel.net. Or visit my website: gailjenner.com.

Don’t forget to check out our other books on the State of Jefferson, too, from Arcadia Publishing. Great little Christmas gifts — or anytime gifts, really!

Have a great and wondrous Christmas Season, filled with joy and love. The magic is all around us and deep within us, too.

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