Thought I’d spread the word about Brian Petersen’s blog on the State of Jefferson…..Brian has been a major player in the State of Jefferson movement for the last several years and a good spokesperson for the concept.

His blog would be a good one to check out:
He lives down the road from us and continues to promote the dialogue about WHY the State of Jefferson, although an almost impossible dream in some ways, is something that needs to be heralded and applauded. This region stands alone in California, that’s for sure, and people have become more and more frustrated by the lack of respect and lack of consideration given the area, in spite of our contributions economically and geographically to the state.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decide our own fate? Of course, even on an individual basis, such thinking leads us astray. No one has any control over his destiny. We can only challenge our own attitudes about how we are going to live our lives…..pursuing goals that bring us personal and moral satisfaction vs. the constant accumulation of more stuff.
I certainly want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth. On such a day, concepts like the State of Jefferson raise their heads ever higher. We are a patriotic bunch up here and so we would like to acknowledge all those individuals who have given so much to our country in order to preserve the freedom we have.
Thank you, veterans and servicemen and women, and all those who struggle to dream the “American Dream.” Thanks go to our historical luminaries, too, who dreamed the impossible dream that IS AMERICA!
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