The State of Jefferson IS more than a fantasy and it is more than a place….it is, as so many have said, a state of mind. However, that state of mind is deeply embedded in a location, a place. The State of Jefferson encompasses much of the northern portion of California and the southern portion of Oregon, where the people reflect much of the same lifestyle and economic station in life. Lots of ranchers and farmers, out-of-work loggers and millers and miners, small business people, tribal members, but also teachers, artists, musicians, and professors and professionals, medical, legal, and otherwise.

What connects these hardy people? Their love of the region, for one. With the mountains and the rivers, many wild, and with athletic, outdoor people who love wildlife and roughing it, whether as hunters or fishermen/women, hikers, and more…..the people from Yreka to Medford to Klamath Falls, to Redding or Grants Pass or Ashland or Jacksonville, et al, look to the landscape and the history of this western region.
It is simply and indelibly written into the hearts of the people who lived here for generations (pre-contact) as well as those who moved in and settled and populated it. The State of Jefferson is as varied in its population as it is in its valleys and rugged mountainous terrain.
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