I have included the blog from friend Jeff Fowle, with his permission;

Jeff wrote in response to the ridiculously biased and unfounded article recently published in TIME magazine, “Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food.” The article has created quite a buzz in agriculture circles and for good reason: Mr. Walsh’s article was not based on sound science and it did not include the wide range of views/information from agricultural experts. It is a sad commentary on the way people can be so easily swept up by what’s hot/what’s not and a sad commentary on media bias. If only Mr. Walsh had gone beyond the superficial and sought out experts in agricultural science and production….truly, farmers are not the enemy, ranchers are not the enemy. Farmers and ranchers, particularly family farmers and family-owned ranches work very hard to produce a quality product that is safe for consumers. Food quality is of the utmost importance to farmers and ranchers. Food safety and animal health, particularly the appropriate use of antibiotics, etc., are also of paramount importance. These issues are not incidental to any farmer or rancher. gj

Letter to Time Magazine on Bryan Walsh Food Article

The following was sent to the editor of Time Magazine at: letters@time.com

To Time Magazine,

The recent article by Bryan Walsh, “Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food,” August 20th, was a poor choice to serve as the cover article. Covers should be objective, factually based and lead to an educated and productive discussion to solve an issue or inform in an unbiased manner. Bryan Walsh’s article was none of these.

His attempt at journalism was obviously slanted, utilized biased science, and lacked truthful, well researched information. If he was attempting to mislead the public through misinformation and scare tactics, he was successful.

As it was written, it served no productive purpose in aiding in the growing and successful dialogue between family farmers and ranchers and the consumers taking place in social media. Attempts by Walsh and others sharing his agenda and motives to paint American Agriculture with wide brush strokes of assumptions and accusations only hinder a productive outcome.

Family farmers and ranchers across the country encourage honest dialogue to educate the public and have them share in the process of solving challenges with an end objective being able to continue to provide the world with the safest and healthiest food supply.

I look forward to seeing another article by Mr. Walsh that points out, item by item, the misinformation that was printed and enlightens the public as to the facts and returns responsibility to the individual. If he needs help locating unbiased, real-life, real farm & ranch conditions and information, I would encourage him to contact one of the family famers and ranchers from across the nation on this list: http://www.dataforag.com/followfarmer.a5w. We will tell it as it is, what works and what does not. We utilize science and modern technology every day to provide you with an affordable, safe and wholesome product. Our only motive is to keep the environment clean and healthy, enhance wildlife habitat, encourage conservation, provide for future generations and feed people.

Jeffrey N. Fowle
Family Farmer & Rancher from CA

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