Well, as 2010 dawns, it seems that so many people are struggling. Agriculturalists, like many Americans, are scratching to keep afloat. The market has slid downhill, but farmers and ranchers, the ultimate optimists, can only look toward the future.

As you consider the changing landscape of American life, it is important to recognize that rural America plays a vital role in the economic recovery. A good economy is based on PRODUCTION and CREATION, and farmers/ranchers throughout this country provide a sound and consistently excellent product for export all over the world.

US: Farm exports to rise in 2010

07 Dec 2009

Farm exports from the US are projected to rise to $98 billion this fiscal year that began October 1, up $1.4 billion from fiscal 2009 for the second-highest total, according to USDA.

“A recovering global economy is expected to boost demand for US high-value products,” said USDA in a quarterly assessment of export and import prospects. Improved sales are expected for livestock, dairy and poultry products, corn and cotton compared to the initial forecast in August. Farm exports hit a record $115 bln in fiscal 2008 and fell to $96.6 bln in fiscal 2009 due to falling demand resulting from the global recession. USDA expects agricultural imports to increase to $77.5 bln this year from $73.4 bln in fiscal 2009. That would result in an agricultural trade balance of $20.5 bln for fiscal 2010.
Source: USAgNet

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