It’s certainly interesting to do a little web search on the topic of the State of Jefferson. It seems that there are a few “start up” groups popping up here and there. Does that mean the discussion is not yet over? Locals in the heart of the region would certainly claim that talk about a proposed state has never died out!

The region that encompasses the “mythical State of Jefferson” changes from day to day. Groups coming out of the Bay Area and other parts of Northern CA and Southern OR have expressed interest, as well. With the changing economic climate, it will be interesting to watch what happens in the next months and years.

I was a guest speaker at a local Rotary group in Yreka this week and the response to the question of the State of Jefferson was overwhelmingly positive. It seems that there will be a spring event, as well, at Southern Oregon University, in Ashland, on the creative life in and around the State of Jefferson. I will be checking that out!

On a much more serious note, those from the heart of the State of Jefferson send out their prayers for all those suffering in Haiti. Such a tragedy is more than an isolated event; we are all horrified by the terrible devastation and terror. May God comfort all those still waiting to hear…..

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