Cattle ranchers and farmers are considered to be one of the greenest professions from a diverse list of jobs, according to a recent survey. Cattle ranchers were selected as the third greenest profession from a diverse list of jobs, with park rangers topping the list. In fact, 86 percent of those surveyed think that cattle farmers and ranchers are committed to environmental preservation.

According to the Ramberg Media Group’s article, “Protecting the Environment, one Cattle Ranch at a Time,”by Alfa Spartan, among 40 “earth-friendly practices” that ranchers and farmers engage in include:
1. working to prevent erosion
2. keeping waterways clean
3. protecting/enhancing wildlife
4. recycling resources

“More than half of Americans surveyed recognized the significance of these efforts, believing that activities such as planting crops and grasses to control erosion, rotating cattle pastures to prevent overgrazing and planting trees to provide windbreaks and shelter – all of which are part of everyday life to cattlemen – play a key role in protecting our environment.”

It’s important that Americans realize the impact and the positive effect farmers and ranchers do have on the environment and the ways they are achieving, and have maintained, a “green economy!” Too many myths that have been cycled leave out the great efforts made by cattle ranchers and agriculturalists all over this nation.

Show some appreciation to those in the business of farming and ranching THIS year on EARTH DAY! Thank a Farmer! Thank a Rancher – they DO care about the land that serves them and the animals that are under their care.

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