From the article, “96 Lean Beef Nutrition,” by Nicole Wolverton, located on, lean beef contains the following nutrition:


Including 96 percent lean beef in your diet provides you with a rich source of protein. A 4 oz. serving of this beef has 25g of this macronutrient, or 44.6 to 54.3 percent of the recommended daily intake. The protein in 96 percent lean beef plays a critical role in muscle building, and it helps satisfy your energy needs as well. In addition, protein provided by 96 percent lean beef helps maintain the health of your immune system.


This type of ground beef serves as a good source of iron — each 4 oz. portion of 96 percent lean beef provides 15 percent of the daily recommended intake. Iron impacts the level of oxygen in your body as it helps make up red blood cells that oxygenate muscles and other body parts. A serving of 96 percent lean beef also contains 60mg of sodium, although this amount does not use up a significant portion of the suggested daily limit of 1,500mg.

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Nicole Wolverton has been writing health-related and human-interest articles since 1986

So if you’re looking for more information, check out the link listed above! But BEEF is a healthy choice….

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