With all the recent activity locally about the State of Jefferson, it’s pretty interesting that responses have been popping up everywhere on the vote by the county board of supervisors to support the creation of a territory (by 4 – 1)…of course, many of them are nothing more than rants that label Siskiyou County as red-necked and out of touch radicals…..the list goes on and on, including Huffington Post and SF Chronicle???

For a local press release from Siskiyou Daily News, see: http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/article/20130904/NEWS/130909952/0/SEARCH

The Redding Record Searchlight article:

From CBS:

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San Francisco Chronicle
    CBS Local ‎- 6 days ago
    YREKA (CBS/AP) – Supervisors in a far Northern California county The idea to create the separate state of Jefferson goes back decades.

There’s even a You-tube on the proposal placed before the Board of Supervisors:

03 Sep 2013 State of Jefferson hearing with Siskiyou County 

5 days ago – Uploaded by kevstir

Five south Jefferson supervisors heard public testimony on the public’s declaration of withdrawal from the 

Suddenly – what happens here MATTERS??? So many here in this part of the state of felt that little here impresses lawmakers except our resources and what we can be taxed or what we can forfeit! 
Let’s hope that people here GET to VOICE their concerns and issues, issues that threaten agriculture/ranching, logging, mining, and the rural lifestyle we all cherish!!?? 
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