After the disappointing return trip home after unexpected heavy snows and road closures, I got to return to Roseburg, Oregon, and the Costco there for a book signing on December 17. Wow! It was a great success…..and I personally sold about 30 books.

Apart from my first book signing years ago at Barnes & Noble in Chico, California, this has been my best showing for a sale…..and people were so gracious! Perhaps it was because it was still a snowy day and people seemed to be in holiday spirirt, but buyers stopped by to visit and ask questions, even if they didn’t buy. A couple of people stopped by to say they had already bought my book: THE STATE OF JEFFERSON: THEN & NOW, by Arcadia Publishing! I was hoping that Costco would also have our newest book, POSTCARDS FROM THE STATE OF JEFFERSON (Arcadia, 2013), but they are saving that one for spring.

Sometimes it is so hard to do a book signing; I struggle with getting my face out there and “stopping traffic” but as I visited with some people, others stopped by to see what was going on. Costco employees were friendly, too, stopping by to check on me, etc.

So, all in all, the event was fun and profitable. Thank you, Costco!

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