Well, I was headed to Roseburg, Oregon, for a Costco Christmas book signing on Friday, December 6, only to CANCEL it when the snow piled up and the Interstate above Sexton Summit and beyond was shut down due to snow and accidents!

Rather than chancing the conditions, I left Grants Pass a disappointed author….however, the wonderful people at Costco and Arcadia Publishing decided to RESCHEDULE the event for THIS coming Friday, December 13th.

The weather here in Western Siskiyou County, of course, has continued to be intimidating. Sunday morning we awoke to -18….that is, MINUS 18 degrees BELOW ZERO! What a nightmare for my ranching husband and crew as they struggled to keep trucks running in order to feed and water the herd….after a very long day, everyone was spent. Monday morning started with -11 and TODAY, the temperature rose to -6 degrees. A regular heat wave….

Still, the temps are supposed to keep improving, so I am hopeful that the book signing for Friday will go as scheduled. So, if you are in the area, check out COSTCO in Roseburg this Friday, from 11 am to 2 pm…. It should be an opportunity to check out my Arcadia Next Generation Finalist for Best Regional Nonfiction, THE STATE OF JEFFERSON: THEN & NOW. I look forward to meeting and greeting everyone.

And for more on my other Arcadia titles, check them out: WESTERN SISKIYOU COUNTY: GOLD & DREAMS; IMAGES OF THE STATE OF JEFFERSON; and the newest title, POSTCARDS FROM THE STATE OF JEFFERSON (released April 2013). Visit my author’s website at: www.gailjenner.com or visit me on FB at “Author Gail Jenner” or log onto amazon, b&n, or other bookseller websites. My other State of Jefferson title, HISTORIC INNS & EATERIES IN THE STATE OF JEFFERSON, was published by Old American Publishing. Check it out, too…

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