Sometimes it’s hard to think about “resolutions!” I’m less inclined to think in terms of resolutions because they seem so hard to keep….and they seem hard and fast. I prefer to consider the year in terms of goals. And as an author, goals are crucial in achieving a final product: the BOOK!

Every book, whether fiction or nonfiction, has a series of goals that must be met. Whether it be a daily page or word count, or chapters completed, or revisions tackled — without setting or establishing goals related to those behaviors — the book cannot be completed. In some ways, writing makes goal setting in general intrinsic to the process of creating a story or completing a written project.

For those not in the writing — or product-creating world of work — it can be easier to build “fluff” into your goal-setting….let’s see: I’m going to lose weight; I’m going to be a better parent; I’m going to make more money. Those kinds of goals are vague, without measurement, without consequence.

But saying, “I will complete my novel by the end of the year and submit it to x-number publishers and/or agents,” has a consequence. Even more consequential? IF you have an editor WAITING for those pages by the end of the year — or assigned date. And I’ve also discovered that having a writing deadline via a conference or group assignments (critique or otherwise) can also be incentive to keep writing when you encounter the infamous writer’s block or encounter challenges to time spent with butt in seat and hands on the keyboard!

I’m beginning to wonder if more of my goals should have a direct and clear consequence attached to it…thus, rather than “resolving” to do this or that, IF I DON’T DO…this or that….there could be a negative consequence associated with each of my year’s goals, as both writer/author and business partner and human being!

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