As a CattleWoman, my priority is ‘myth-busting!’

As an active CattleWoman, rancher's wife, teacher, and writer, I know the anti-beef campaign in this country is real and being waged in earnest, and it's not based on truth. Therefore, education has to be number one for cattle people like us, esp. in regions where...

What IS the beef?

I've just gotta ask the question! What IS the beef?????As a cattle rancher's wife of 36+ years, I've heard everything that can possibly be said about beef.....and all its evils!'s amazing. And it's pretty bizarre, especially when one examines what the...

Dreams are the stuff LIFE is made of…….

Much is made of dreams, and there is good reason for that. The longer we live, the more we understand the relationship between our dreams/goals/hopes for the future and the success we achieve. As a Christian, my ultimate hope lies in my relationship with the Lord, but...

Just do it…..yeah, right?! Yes, or else, pay the price.

I've wanted to take a script writing course for many months, but it involved traveling hours and spending weekends away from home. I signed up once, then cancelled. But it was my twin sister, perhaps my greatest cheerleader, who said, quite simply, "Just do it!" Yeah,...

Time and days, living one day at a time….

I found this wonderful scripture that relates to everyone, regardless of belief. It's from Ecclesiastes (11:4,6): "If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which will...

“The Ultimate Gift”

Last night we watched the movie, "The Ultimate Gift." I hadn't heard much about it beforehand, so that might be why it touched me even more deeply. The story was one of those "Oh, YES!" movies....a keeper. And it delved into the very subjects that I've been...



Great stories, heart warming romancesGreat stories, heart warming romancesSusan Canning via Amazon

Great stories, heart warming romances, and plenty of adventure.
Mending Fences: nice heart warming Texas cowboy vs Baltimore Lady in the small town in no-where's ville TX.
Double Crossing: great adventure crossing the country from Chicago to Sacramento. I was hoping for another chapter or two at the end to bring things to a romantic conclusion. 🙁
Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride: Time travel for Lola from present to 1910 is a bit shocking. But to discover everyone thinks she is the low-down, no-good, thieving Callie MacGraw is unbearable. But nothing to discover she is now married to a man she doesn't know.
Into the Land of Shadows : Kate's adventurous is something. From donkey theft to being kidnapped to being possessed by an Indian demon. Falling into a rapid flowing river to falling in love with Ethan. Then to discover who caused her pa's death and forgiving him. In the few short years of her life, Kate has had a whirlwind adventure.
Across the Sweet Grass Hills: Liza hates the Indian's and everything she has heard about them is terrifying. When she has to rely on an Indian (Red Eagle) to save her father's life she starts to change her mind. But when she learns she is a granddaughter of an Indian Squaw she blows a gasket! Living with the Pikuni Indians with her father she changes her opinion. After surviving a US Army attack on the village of peaceful people she is again unsure of who the real enemy is.
5 Stars

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